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Foundation: Pale Skin and Full coverage

Foundations are such a pain in the ass. Too light, too dark, too pink, too yellow. So many things to think about before buying a foundation.

This is especially difficult for people with pale or dark skin as the majority of companies only make shades for the majority to save money.

The lightest shades are very often not light at all, and usually tend to be orange. Then when you do find a light shade, you find it’s the wrong undertone. (Its cheaper to make pink undertones than yellow).

So here are my suggestions. These will be medium-full coverage foundations, I hope they help.

Drugstore brand: Revlon colourstay £12.99

I have acne and oily skin, and this was my holy grail foundation for years. The lightest shade is ivory, it has pink undertones and sadly my undertones are yellow-neutral. So I had to use the next shade up which is Buff. I found it covered my acne to a standard I liked and looked good even with my oily skin. It looked more dewy by the end of the day rather than a frying pan.

It lasted me a 9 hour day out and about, I didn’t blot and maybe if I did it would have lasted longer. It comes in oily to combination form and dry to normal. So whatever your skin type this would be a great foundation for you. I did once accidently buy the normal to dry form and I…hated it. Weirdly it was slightly thinner and I felt even the shade was a little off. The oily one has a thicker feel (in my opinion) and it felt like more coverage. 

It is the best drugstore foundation I have used. After 4+ hours there’s some slight break up on the crease of my nose, chin and under eyes which I get with most foundations. It isn’t noticeable though unless you look for it.

However, I have stopped using it as it oxodised (this is common for oily skin) so when I didn’t blend down my neck it was noticeable. If I ever need a quick foundation though, it is still on my list of best foundations to buy.

Mid-brand: Mac Studio Fix Fluid £23.50

This is my current foundation. For the longest time I used shade nc15. 

NC is neautral leaning yellow undertones.

NW is neutral leaning pink undertones

The smaller the number, the lighter the shade. I used Nc15 and went about a year without anyone telling me it was too dark for my skin. Bitches.

So I switched to NW10. (There was no NC10.) It was a good match, besides the pink undertone. But it was better than NC15. So that is what I used for a long time until *sobs with happiness* NC10 was released. This is my favourite foundation.

A lot of people don’t bug Mac because it “causes acne”. This is not true. A foundation can not cause acne for everyone. Yes, you may use it and it breaks you out, but it is different for everyone!

I have acne and it doesn’t break me out more or less. It covers my acne pretty well, though I have to use about 6 pumps (however I need this much for all foundations). I need a new bottle every 3 months, but if you have less severe acne then it will last you so much longer.

It matches beautifully to my skin. I did have trouble with it breaking up around my mouth. It looked terrible, creasing where I would smile and separating on my chin. However I have found this was due to the powder I was using :O. I used rimmel stay matte. And recently ran out so bought NO7 loose powder in translucent. My foundation looked flawless for so much longer and less cakey. I kept looking in the mirror I loved it so much. So powder is important!

*also like to add I don’t use primer. I do however moisturise with simple 30spf.* 

If you use primer make sure it’s leading ingredients are the same as your foundation. If your foundation is water based, use a water based primer or your foundation is going to break up like crazy.

High End: Estee Lauder Double Wear £32.50

I was matched to…desert beige. Oh my god. I looked insane. Returned it and I was then matched to Ecru. Still too dark. Then I took action myself. I bought cool bone. Too dark. Then I found shell (not available in USA) it has a pink undertone but it looked okay

Usually, people can use shades that look too dark but when blended on their faces it matches. However for me, because I have to build so much my face will look the shade of the foundation inside the bottle. If that makes sense.

I used all of 1c0 shell. Then for Christmas my mum bought me some as a gift in shade 1n1. This is a neautral shade and I finished all this and bought another! There was a mild demarcation line if I didn’t blend but I could handle it. It covered my acne in two layers using a beauty blender.  

One of my all time favourites. However, I can not afford this so often. I am a student after all haha.  However, Mac is the better shade match for me.

If you have oily skin, you make do what I do and bake the fuck out of your face with powder. This results in the dreaded cake face. I recommend using a good amount of mousturiser even if you have oily skin, then finish with a few (or in my case a bottle) of Mac prep and prime. It takes away a lot of the powder residue on the face 🙂

Hope this helped anyone

-Hidden Shadows


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