UPDATE: The love we have for our pets

My missing baby Oscar has been found! He is home.

I felt an overwhelming urge to check out my window to see if he was there. I see my black and white cat Oreo by the barbeque sniffing and there he is…oscar. Sitting under the barbeque.

I never ran out so fast, picked him up and burst into tears. I never thought I’d see him again.

His paws are green, like he’s been walking in grass. His fur has a greasy feel to it and he is sleeping so I think he has been lost rather than being kept in a house.

It’s been windy, raining and cold and I honestly thought the worst.

I kept hoping. Weirdly I was reading people’s stories last night about their missing cats and the majority said “three days-” so to get to sleep I kept saying he will be back tomorrow. And he is!

I am overjoyed.

If someone did have him, then…ugh. I’m really possessive, hate the thought of him being someone elses, he’s mine bitch!

Getting another collar for the 100th time. I am so happy. I just felt the need to tell everyone! 🙂 

*sobs with happiness.*

-Hidden Shadows 


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