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2017 Breif Review of Feminism

So 2017 is they year I would like to say was the year I was awoken as a feminist.

I’m the girl, that laughs it off when I’m made uncomfortable. The girl who says yes to doing what YOU want to do, to make YOU happy. The girl who ignores sexism, racism and any other issues that happen infront of me because I HATE confrontation.

But I’ve realised I can’t do this anymore. I can’t call myself a feminist online, then hide in public. This is NOT being a feminist.

For the past few months I have been calling out sexist remarks, etc. I’ve discovered that I am a victim of gaslighting abuse and have since ended that friendship. I said no to a guy who then kept persisting and rather than laughing it off…I BLOCKED him. I am quite shocked at myself for being able to do that.

People say feminsm has gone too far, but I don’t think its gone far enough. Women are still catering to mens feelings. I’ve had men tell me that we are pushing men away from the movement by being so harsh against men…

Feminism is also ingoring issues women of colour face. It’s not doing enough of POC, not by a long shot.

Why can’t men just support the movement for women, why do women have to make men feel all happy inside for them to be able to support us?! This alone proves the arrogance men have. The more I learn about feminsm, the more I see why its needed.

I could go on forever.

2017 on a whole has been the year I became proud of being a feminist but I am still learning and still not doing enough.

2018 I aim to put myself first and other women, I am no longer catering to the feelings of men and the bullshit they come with. If you don’t identify as a feminist, then i am not continuing contact with you. It’s doing something meaningful. Just look at the #metoo or #timesup while even these aren’t doing enough, theyre doing something. I would much rather they encourage donations to all the organisations that help women of abuse rather than just turn up to collect their awards wearing black. Even look at the #menaretrash movement which is to raise awareness on all the things men do to women that they get away with. Time is up on me standing for that anymore and it should be for you too.

No more.

Intersecitionl feminism (the only feminism that matters) is the way forward!


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  • mattmcgorry
  • feministastic
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– Hidden Shadows



Gay Couples Adopting

It’s only in the past 5-10 years (aprox.) that gay people and communities, within western countries, are being accepted. LGBTQ couples now have a legal right to marry, the parades are always a great celebration with little opposition. Supporters are finally starting to out weigh those against the LGBTQ community.

However, one area where couples still get lots of back lash is when it comes to adoption. 

Should gay couples adopt?

100% they should, but they should be very aware that it won’t be a walk in the park.

I recently read about a girl, she was fostered by two lesbian women. They were very loving, have her everything she wanted. She loved them and they eventually adopted her. There was only one problem, once the children at school found out, they started to make fun of her over it. 

The issue here is that, we are teaching are children to bully others for being different rather than accepting our differences. This will lead to racism, homophobia, sexism and so much more. The society where anyone different is pointed out will continue.

An argument used against gay couples is that they will cause the child to also become gay…

First, this is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. If the sexualities of our parents resulted in our own sexuality then there would be no homosexuals. Even if this argument was true, I would rather have them be adopted and “become” gay rather than stay in the system where they’re more likely to be abused and have a bad start in life. Shouldn’t we be wanting a good happy family for these children? A gay couple can provide that just as well as a heterosexual couple.

Everyone is capable of being a good parent. That doesn’t change with sexuality. 

If you have children, take the opportunity to tell them about the differences between every human. From the colour of our eyes, to the colour of our skin. The sex we were born. The sexualities we have. Wheelchair are walking.

We live in a world where no one is exactly the same, even identical twins have differences. 

Let’s help our world be more accepting of eachother. An undiscrimimatory future.

-Hidden Shadows

LGBTQ · Sexuality

Gender vs. Sex

There is a lot of confusion in this sector and to be honest, there are still a lot of areas that I don’t fully understand.

Sex is how you were born. Your sex is male or female.

Gender is a social construct, until recently that was seen as only male and female, now we have genders such as non-binary. Most of them I don’t even understand what they mean and when I first heard about them, I thought, why can’t we just have male and female?

But maybe the human brain isn’t as simple as male and female. Maybe gender isn’t as black and white as we thought and we need to take more time to look at the grey areas inbetween.

HONESTLY, without wanting to offend, I do believe that we are only meant to be male or female. When being made in the womb, every baby is given nipples, they’re only needed if you are a woman but you’re given them before you sex is decided so this is why men have nipples. So think of this, imagine when being made there are wires being plugged in as our gender is being decided, but then our brain is wired to be male but our bodies are female. This error results in some people feeling they are the wrong sex, trapped in a body that is not meant to be theres. If this makes sense?


My little theory may be completley wrong, we may just naturally have these differences and the wiring up wasn’t a ‘mistake’. Besides, someone being gay or trans or non binary doesn’t affect your life in any way.

After all, that person is exactly that. A PERSON!

Don’t let our differences blind us from seeing the person. Accept eachother for who we are. We only have one life, don’t waste it hating others for something they can’t change, and frankly if you have an issue with how someone identifies then they don’t need to change, you do.

-Hidden Shadows