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Transgender People

I admit, I need to learn more so if I made some mistakes in this blog, please know that I don’t mean any offense. 

Trump has just announced that he is going to stop transgender men and women from being in the army. This is disgusting. There is no reason for this thst should be accepted. If a transgender person wants to be a service to the country then they should be allowed! It’s frankly outrages and I don’t understand how people can still stand by Trump. Obviously they lack any morality.

However, this post isn’t about Trump. I am very curious about something. Why do we refer to transgender people as, a trans man or trans woman?

If I was born a woman, knew I should be a man and did everything to get the body I wanted and belonged in then shouldn’t I simply be refered to as a man? Not a trans man.

We spend too much time making sex, gender and sexuality the main focus of someone but that shouldn’t be the case.

We shouldn’t be referring to people as “the gay best friend” or “my transgender friend.”

Why do these things have to dominate everything. We should be seeing people as human beings, their sexuality or being transgender doesn’t need to be the most interesting and talked about thing about them. We need to see the person, there is so much more to people than just those things. 

But do people prefer to be known as transgender? Again I hope this isn’t being offensive to anyone. Should it n it just be “I am a woman.” People don’t have to disclose that thay were born a different sex. I just think this would make it so much more inclusive rather than excluding people to being a trans woman rather than just a woman.

Does this make sense to you?

-Hidden Shadows 

LGBTQ · Sexuality

Gender vs. Sex

There is a lot of confusion in this sector and to be honest, there are still a lot of areas that I don’t fully understand.

Sex is how you were born. Your sex is male or female.

Gender is a social construct, until recently that was seen as only male and female, now we have genders such as non-binary. Most of them I don’t even understand what they mean and when I first heard about them, I thought, why can’t we just have male and female?

But maybe the human brain isn’t as simple as male and female. Maybe gender isn’t as black and white as we thought and we need to take more time to look at the grey areas inbetween.

HONESTLY, without wanting to offend, I do believe that we are only meant to be male or female. When being made in the womb, every baby is given nipples, they’re only needed if you are a woman but you’re given them before you sex is decided so this is why men have nipples. So think of this, imagine when being made there are wires being plugged in as our gender is being decided, but then our brain is wired to be male but our bodies are female. This error results in some people feeling they are the wrong sex, trapped in a body that is not meant to be theres. If this makes sense?


My little theory may be completley wrong, we may just naturally have these differences and the wiring up wasn’t a ‘mistake’. Besides, someone being gay or trans or non binary doesn’t affect your life in any way.

After all, that person is exactly that. A PERSON!

Don’t let our differences blind us from seeing the person. Accept eachother for who we are. We only have one life, don’t waste it hating others for something they can’t change, and frankly if you have an issue with how someone identifies then they don’t need to change, you do.

-Hidden Shadows