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Can I just say, I made myself a cup of tea and wrote a nice chilled blog. I’ve been aiming to be calmer because people trigger me so easily, it’s a flaw of mine. 

I guess it was short lived. I go on Twitter, and see things trending such as ‘Islamaphobia’ and find that we have a bunch of (mostly) white men saying they aren’t Islamaphobic…followed by an Islamaphobic comment.

I could scream people piss me off so easily.

Basically everything I see is, again usually white men, saying “this is political correctness gone mad.”

An example is the announcement of the thirteenth doctor. She’s female. And oh my god aren’t they pissed.

I used to be like them though. I used to think , “Jeeze, this political correctness is getting out of hand.” But then I realised. It’s not being political correct, it’s about being right and moral.

It’s not politically correct to give the LGBTQ community more rights. It’s fucking right and humane! It’s what we should be doing! 

The doctor is female. SO WHAT! It’s not politically correctness gone mad, it’s equality bitches!

Is your masculinity so fragile that you’re threatened by women have the same rights and opportunities as you.

A comment I see commonly is “are we going to get a >Insert female ‘J’ name here <Bond now?” Uhmm did I miss the movie where Bond regenerates and goes on time travel adventures?

Feminism, isn’t about wiping men out of everything. It’s about giving fair roles to women. If a woman can be strong and powerful, then why can’t she have that role. If its spwcificallg a dedicated male character, then yeah it’s going to stay a man.

We aren’t going to be seeing a Christina Grey or Holly Potter. Chill out. I wouldn’t want to see that happen either.

But the doctor, is able to change everything about him. The master became a woman. Time Lord’s don’t care about gender, sex, sexuality, none of that bullshit. SO why not have a female character.

We never had a female doctor before because women weren’t accepted in the past. No one would watch a series where the woman is the protagonist. From the reaction I can say it’s pretty obvious that feminism is still needed…

I hope the companion will be male. It will be nice to see a man het in trouble and need saving from the doctor. Won’t that piss you sexist misogynists off.

Of course being politically correct doesn’t mean you’re always right, but those who use it as an insult are most usually wrong. 

It’s not political correcteness. It’s being non racist, sexist, homophobic. It’s accepting and being fair. It that gets your dick in a twist then so be it, but this is the future. Where we don’t look down our noses at people for being different but instead we celebrate it!

I’m going to have to get another cuppa now 😏

-Hidden Shadows

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Should men win more custody battles?

I identify myself as a feminist, or I’m an aspiring one. For a lot of people it’s a bad thing. I have been attacked online for my views that women should be treat equally, however, I am aware that there are areas where we simply can’t be.

For example, Feminism wants to have more women working in areas such as plumbing or construction. However, a lot of women don’t actually aspire to be a plumber or builder and just because it is male dominant, that doesn’t make it a bad thing. We can mentally be equal. We can be paid equally. But physically, we aren’t naturally equal unless you’re a hard-core gym goer. If you’re a woman and you want to work in construction, then go for it! Don’t let anything hold you back.

When I say, “I’m a feminist” I am attacked by men mainly. They tell me I should be focusing on mens rights too if I truly want equality. In my opinion having both female and mens issues under one group cancels out the issues of both. But feminism is doing great at helping both! More homeless shelters for men and raising awareness that men can have emotions too, and so much more! Though a lot like to ignore this.

One issue that I hear so often is that if we truly want equality then men should be winning more custody battles.

However, I know it may seem unfair but I don’t think this should happen.

Naturally men are fitter and stronger. Women are naturally more maternal. In many cases, a child turns to their mother in need. Simply because it is built into us that mother’s will give us what we need. Women carry a baby for 9 months, they go through the pain of carrying it and then giving birth. This is not a man’s fault of course. But it’s simply fact that a mother make a bond way before most fathers. Most fathers truly make the bond when they’re born, there’s even scientific evidence that babies look more like their fathers upon birth so the male can bond quicker with the child (A study in nature, 1995). 

So when parents sadly divorce, women usually get the child and men see this as unfair. And it is, but it’s for the best of the child! Put your child first.

A mother is more maternal, taking her child away will be extremely painful to her. Men, usually, have work to keep the  busy, and while times are changing, women are usually the one’s with the children and no work. If the father wins custody, he is going to juggle work and a baby and the mother will have nothing. So in terms of work, it’s common sense for the mother to have the child.

Unless the mother is a bad parent, or the child is old enough (7+) to state their own opinions on who they want to live with, then the mother should have custody.

If you’re going through a divorce, I know it’s tough to feel like you’re losing everything, but the child’s wellbeing is what is most important.

If you honestly believe the mother is incapable of taking care of the child, then fight for your children but do what is truly best for them. Don’t rip their lives apart for the sake of spite.

-Hidden Shadows

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Boots Charge Women £30 for Contraception

I’m sure a lot of you have heard. I am frankly, appauld. 

If you don’t know, Boots are selling the morning after pill (contraception for women) for £30, meanwhile stores such as Superdrug and Tesco are selling them at half the price.

If a woman has intercourse, and let’s say for the example, the condom broke. She would need the morning after pill. Put yourself in that womans shoes. Worried she may get pregnant, rushing out to buy the pills and finding they’re £30. People can’t afford that.

It’s also been shown how Boots are selling condoms half price currently. This isn’t a bad thing, but condoms are not 100%. They can’t promote sex then overcharge women when they need something in an emergency!

The outrage is clear on social media. Boots replied…

“We would not want to be accused of incentivising inappropriate use, and provoking complaints, by significantly reducing the price of this product”

So, they think it’s fine to promote sex but not helping women in need after sex? They’re saying, women can not be trusted to use contraception.  Oh I’m sorry Boots, I forgot women didn’t have brains and must rely on men to make sure we use things appropriately.

Even on the Boots website, there is a section for men dedicated to sexual health, however, for women there is no such thing. Are women’s sexual health not as important as mens? Because it doesn’t seem like it is to Boots.

Women are already taxed for just being a woman. Extra for razors or shaving cream and so much more. £30 for contraceptives is beyond a joke, it’s disgusting and misogynistic. 

Are we living in 1917 or 2017?  have forgotten, you know…my female brain isn’t capable of knowing the year never mind taking control of my own health.

Pull your act together Boots, follow the lead of other stores and listen to the public! 

Don’t stop the tweets, the emails, the petitions until they change this!

-Hidden Shadows

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13th Doctor is FEMALE

Honestly, before I knew officially it was a woman I was hoping it would be a man. It’s what I’ve always known. 

Then I watched, along with everyone else as a hooded figure walked through the trees, the second I saw those lashes it was obvious the doctor was female.

I admit, I was shocked. I didn’t think it would happen. I read everyone’s reactions, all mixed. Some overjoyed and some furious.

Then I began to notice how angry those people were all because it was a woman on screen.  Then I questioned my own reaction.

What pulled me over? I saw a video reaction of a young girl, maybe around 8. She watched, waiting for the Doctor to be revealed. Her joy was undeniable. Then I realised what it truly meant.

Now little girls in schools can say, “I’m the Doctor!” And not just a companion. Little girls across the country seeing that there is nothing they can’t be. 

For too many years, this has been a man’s world. Finally, we have a doctor every child can look up to be a role model, and an inspiration.

If you have a problem with the doctor being a woman, then maybe a time traveller needs to find you and take you to the past where you belong.

Congratulations Jodie Whittaker! I’m sure you’ll win every over soon enough! I remember when I first saw David Tennant, I hated him. Now he’s one of my favourites. When I first saw Matt Smith, I hated him. Now he is one of my favourites. When I first saw Peter Capaldi, I hated him. Now he is one of my favourites.

When I first saw Jodie Whittaker, I hated her. I’m sure she will become one of my favourites!

Give her a chance. Let every little girl enjoy this moment, let them be empowered to believe they can do anything and be anything! 

Welcome to the future, where women and men are given equal chances and are treated the same. Where every young girl feels they have the power to be anything a little boy wants to do…

A future of equals.

-Hidden Shadows


Finding Myself

I often sit and think to myself, who am I? I’m sure a lot of people do. It is a horrible thing to not be able to know who oneself is. Am I a good person? What are my values? Do I respect people the way I should? Should I change in anyway?

I have never really stood for anything I believe in. However, something has changed in the past two years. It is a movement that is growing (again) becomig more and more popular and I think I can finally admit it out loud (or on the words of this screen).

I am a feminist.

Or should I say aspiring. – claiming to be one when you don’t in fact advocate for the rights of oppressed genders undermines the movement. In some circles, it’s become trendy to call yourself a feminist, but actions speak louder than words. You also have to promote equality with your behavior — that is, you can’t just talk the talk; you also have to walk the walk. (Bustle) – There are still things I need to work on, such as speaking out about it in the real word and not just on a screen.

Why don’t I speak about it?

I am afraid of judegement, though i guess when you stand for something there is bound to be hate.

Despite what people say, feminism isn’t a man hating cult. It is truly a movement for womens equality. Whether I am male or female does not matter. I see now how the world in male dominant. Trump was voted president, no matter how many excuses are made we all know it was becuase Hillary was female.

People argue, feminism is no longer needed. But that is like saying gay pride is no longer needed. “Hey you got your main goal now stop.”

I recently argued with a man from the LGBTQ community. He told me feminism was no longer needed. Which I responded with, if thats the case then neither is the gay rights movement (obviously i do not mean this). He told me, it is needed until the whole word accepts the gay community. Then why is this often ignored for feminsim? Woman in first and third world countries are still being suppressed.

Men and women are treated differently but they shouldn’t be. One example. Male boss who is tough on employees: strong, good boss, powerful. A female boss who does the same: bossy.

A lot of people, men in particular have also said, if it is for equality between both sexes, why is it called feminsim. Are your egos so bad that you need ‘men/male’ in every single word?


We are in a male dominant world, women are only just getting the rights they deserve and people are just as quickly trying to ‘put women back in their place’.

Another reason why I do not reveal my identity. If I reveal I am a man, then many would tell me to grow some balls, I’m just looking to appeal to women for easy sex and so much more. If I reveal i am female, I would be told to get back in the kitchen and make a sandwhich. I have seen many of these cases all over the internet.

God and don’t even get me started on rape culture, I will discuss this in a future post.

Feminism is a movement for WOMENS rights and men (mostly) want feminism to represent men too. Feminsm is trying so hard to do this but I think its ridiculous. Men need a seperate movement.

If there was a fire in my home and I call the fire brigade, they will come. If there is a fire in every persons home on my street, I am less likely to get help. Therefore, by advocating womens rights and issues as well as mens, doesnt it just drown them both out?!

Don’t let the odd extremist feminsist or anti-feminist brainwash you into thinking feminism is a movement that needs to be shut down. Calling for feminsm to stop is exactly why it is needed. Do your own research! I did.

If anyone does read this please let me know what you think.